Love Spells
By Ann Eden

White Magic

My spells encourage acceptance and understanding, rather than pushing the recipient against their will.

Love Spells

Ann Eden's Love Spells can help you attract romance, feel a renewed sense of hope, or even ease a broken heart.

Tarot Reading

Feeling uncertain about the future? Have a tarot reading to gain insight and prepare for trials ahead.

About Ann Eden

Hello, and welcome to Love Spells by Ann Eden. An experienced and professional caster of love spells, tarot and psychic readings. Mastering the craft since 1970, working under my mother, Madame Anna, who taught me the craft when I was a young girl. I have reunited lost lovers, given people a renewed sense of hope, and brought new love into empty lives.

For 45 years I have been using white magic to help couples rebuild relationships, renew commitment, and remove negative barriers stopping your happiness. There is a soul mate for everyone, and my calling is to help bring joy and fulfillment to others using my gift.

While most of my magic is in my shop, I also have booking available for private parties or events and much more. Contact me today at 310-591-6984 for availability, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Dreams are meant to come true, call today for your personalized love spell to see the results

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Love spells, my most requested service, are powerful spells with quick results. Your heart may soon tell you that an important life altering event is on its way. You can experience a renewed sense of hope, the person you love is beginning the start of their journey..

Love Spells

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